Modules & more

From mass-production slotted and soldered modules for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other RF protocols to niche, custom systems and platforms based on Qualcomm’s reference designs.


Antenna & more

High-performance antennas for any RF application, cabling, adapters surge protectors, metals, fixtures, passive electronics. Suited as End-To-End, certified solutions with our active electronics.

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Professional Services to enhance, accelerate and protect your design: 

  • Custom antenna, modules & RF-systems.
  • Compliance turn-key.
  • Firmware & drivers.
VARF Solutions

Turn-Key RF Safety & Interference Testing

  • One-stop-shop compliance partner for wireless modules, antennas and systems.
  • Single or combinatioin of wireless technologies.
  • Approval planning and strategy.
  • Certification co-sponsoring and life-cycle support for COTS desings.

Compliance Services 

Customisation Competence

Custom-made Qualcomm module or system?

  • Reduce total non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs by engaging with our specialized team. 
  • Customer-centric experiences, aided by in-house digital, RF-calibration and regulatory expertise, all add quality and value. 

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The right antenna:

High-quality, compliant and regulatory aligned antennas do not come for granted. 

  • End-to-end antenna support from design to simulation, prototyping, testing, certification and manufacturing for tailor-made antennas to meet your specific application needs.

 Embedded antenna tuning in OEM devices is key for performance, compliance srategy and the overall whole-lifecyle product develoment costs. 

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Know-how waves!

Wireless connectivity fuels economic growth and innovation.

  • Press releases, announcement, case studies, whitepapers, recorded webinars, and the latest wireless technology insights.

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