Environmental Response Plans

Quality failures, natural catastrophes, and criminal or accidental cyber risks constitute the three major supply chain risks for the electronics industry.

The Challenge

Electronics industry companies operate in a particularly demanding supply chain environment. Sophisticated components are sourced often from specialized suppliers spread around the world. They also have to contend with short product life cycles and high volatile customer demand. The market is prone to disruption by new products, new product categories, and new market entrants. Customers are expecting products to get cheaper even as they become more powerful and feature-rich. Therefore the management of the supply chain and the avoidance of disruptions is a strategic priority.

What We Do

We are working to improve collaboration, risk-sharing, and value alignment with our supply chain partners.

Supply Chain Risks through external environmental disasters and disruptions as tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes/tsunamis, wildfires, floods, etc. have increased as a consequence of the globalization trend during the last decades. Also, the rise in the frequency and severity of cyberattacks, driven by the rapid growth in digital communication, has already had an enormous impact on the supply chains.

VOXMICRO's External, Foreign, Emergency and Disaster Mitigation Plan

As a global provider of cutting-edge products and value-adding services, we have in place strategic core plans that involve our partners and other stakeholders.