Advanced wireless connectivity strengthens energy companies' ability to power homes, business and communities.

The Challenge

Asset efficiency and reduced costs in the power grids are required, which should be translated into greater reliability and lower costs for consumers and businesses, as well as more opportunities for investments in new capabilities such as renewable energy sources.

Smart grids represent the widespread adoption of wireless technology in the energy sector and refer to the technology that is used to provide computer-based remote control and automation: two-way communication technologies and sensors to gather and relay relevant data are substantial are utilized. Especially the new generation WLAN 802.11ax (Wi-Fi6) and the emerging 5G technologies are expected to drive the next stage of the smart grid to grow with higher speeds, lower latency, and more security.

 What We Do

We have developed an agile strategic roadmap that continuously supports current and upcoming industries and consumer needs focusing on dominating wireless technologies and innovations. 

We are continuously investing in the further development of rapidly evolving wireless technologies: new generation WLAN (Wi-Fi6), which is finding new roles beyond simple communications; LPWAN, which covers very large areas, such as cities or entire regions; 5G, which compared to 4G will deliver higher bandwidth, lower latency, and more capacity; Bluetooth, the foreground of consumer tech innovations with a plethora of useful applications.

Why Voxmicro


We are a worldwide technology leading group in Radio Frequency and have already taken on evolving technologies as the newest Wi-Fi standard 802.11ax (Wi-Fi6) leveraging early access on our partner’s Qualcomm chipsets and platforms. 

We are ideal partners in the design and development of new-generation products and solutions as smart grids: we are flexible to adapt our solutions in order to meet client-specific requirements; we have Qualcomm’s full technology and regulatory support; and last but not least we are supportive with our extensive wireless products portfolio and our related value-added services.

How wireless technologies transform the energy sector