Automation & Industrial IoT

Machines connected on the IIoT can continually monitor and report output levels, detect potential problems, and autonomously adjust input variables, allowing the automation of entire industrial processes.

The Challenge

Wireless technology drives a variety of industrial applications, including process automation, mobile resource management, fresh and wastewater management, and smart grids.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) transforms the way we do business by applying new technologies such as machine learning and predictive analytics to millions of connected devices. The IIoT promises huge gains in efficiency,  safety, and security, but these gains can only be realized if devices stay connected.

 What We Do

We develop wireless embedded modules, antennas, testing tools and regulatory services that keep the IIoT connected. We are experts in wireless technologies used in the IIoT, from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to LoRa.

The IIoT consists of numerous industrial devices, connected primarily over wireless networks. However, with wireless networks, coverage, latency, and throughput levels must all meet the needs of each specific industrial application and environment. A single IIoT network may require more than one wireless technology to meet all of its needs.

Why Voxmicro


We are a global partner for RF Materials to industrial customers with a focus on the proactive supply chain, obsolescence management and component lifecycle aided by our international regulatory expertise.

We develop an extensive portfolio of products for industrial wireless applications and offer wireless connectivity solutions including a full range of socketed and soldered industrial-grade modules leveraging Qualcomm’s latest technologies, antennas for harsh environments, RF connectors, cable assemblies, and RF fixtures.

Why wireless technologies can provide a new perspective for the Industrial IoT