Product Lifecycle Management

Organizing large amounts of data, keeping information up-to-date, controlled and accessible is a big challenge for the electronics manufacturers.

The Challenge

Moving in a rapidly changing environment the electronics industry has to manage areas, which all must move forward together: innovation management, new product introduction, supplier collaboration, customer requirements, new technologies use, regulatory compliance, obsolescence and EOL management. To thrive through this new world and remain competitive, the electronics companies must manage products throughout their entire lifecycle to secure market advantages and minimize inventory write-offs. 

What We Do

To enforce our innovative product development we have implemented end-to-end PLM processes and tools, which are supporting our communication processes between product stakeholders, and serve also as a central and unique repository for all information that affects each product.


Essential elements of our PLM capability are the management of design and process documents, the Bill of Materials (BOM) management, a central data vault, items and documents classification, product-related project task assignment, workflows management, and revision planning and handling.