Certified, Industrial Wi-Fi6/6E Modules With Qualcomm® QCA2066 SoCs by Voxmicro
Now with completed FCC, ISED and CE regulatory domain approvals: the Airetos® E20 Class with QCA206x, WiFi6 + WiFi6E hosted LGA SMDs, also on M2E, M2B and mPCIe carriers.
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Certified, Industrial Wi-Fi6/6E Modules With Qualcomm® QCA2066 SoCs by Voxmicro

VOXMICRO LTD, a California Corporation, announces today that it has completed major domain regulatory compliance certifications of its new AIRETOS E20 Wi-Fi6E i-grade modules, featuring the QCA2066; Qualcomm’s flagship 14nm wireless SoC chip. The E20 Class is a design constructed from the ground up for compatibility, short lead-times and seamless WiFi6/6E and Bluetooth 5.2/5.3 capabilities.

The new modules are designed for a wide range of industrial applications that require the highest levels of performance, reliability, and security. They offer support for the latest 802.11ax standard, as well as backward compatibility with 802.11ac/n/g/b/a standards. The modules also feature integrated security features, including support for WPA3 and 802.11i/w.

"The North-American and European Certification of our E20 Class industrial Wi-Fi6/6E modules is a major milestone for Voxmicro," said C. Pallaske, President of Voxmicro. "These modules represent the latest in wireless technology and offer our customers the highest levels of performance, reliability, and security. We are proud to be offering these modules to the market, at the highest quality and shortest lead-time achievable today."

The new modules are available now from Voxmicro and its value-added Partners. For more information, please visit https://airetos.voxmicro.com/e20-class.

High-level of the AIRETOS E20 Class:

The E20 is a platform that can be used with the entire Qualcomm® QCA206x family of SoCs, consisting of the QCA2066, QCA2065, QCA2064 and QCA2062. Even more Qualcomm Technologies' SoCs are supported, like the Qualcomm WCN685x family and the Qualcomm QCA6898AQ, for targeted consumer electronics and automotive connectivity design requirements. 

It delivers all the Wi-Fi configurations supported by those ASICs as well as Bluetooth signalling both via UART and USB. The E20 offers a full implementation of Wi-Fi 6E (IEEE 802.11ax extended to include the ISM 6Ghz bands) including support for Dual-Band Simultaneous (dual MAC DBS or DBDC, a.k.a. Dual-Band Dual Concurrent) operation for connections up to 3Gbps data rate in a variety of mixed wireless modes (2x2+2x2 11ax).

Key market differentials of the E20 Class are:

• Flexible module configuration composed of: one of the QCA206x ASIC Variants + choice of miniPCI, M2E or M2B carrier + selection of Bluetooth via USB or UART.
• Fully qualified Industrial-grade operation.
• Longest in-market lifespan projected to reach 15 years from release.
• Lifecycle-aware design and newest planning methodologies that safeguard exceptionally short effective lead-times.
• Evaluation Board and LGA CoB socket tools for testing and development.
• Produced and maintained by VOXMICRO, a specialized Qualcomm Module-Maker.

The technical benefits of the E20 over previous generation WiFi modules, include:

• Seamless concurrent co-existence of WiFi6/6E and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.
• 160Mhz wide channels for up to 3Gbps data rates.
• Dual-Concurrent Wi-Fi interface modes (like STA, AP, monitor, P2P and more), with DBS and dual-MAC.
• Complete implementation of Wi-Fi6, including the new Wi-Fi6E ISM 6GHz bands.
• Target Wake Time and improved lower latency, along with better WPA3 security.
• Reduced power consumption and offloading traffic for minimal host utilization.

The AIRETOS E20 opens a new way to match application requirements with hardware and firmware options for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modes and audio profiles. System Makers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other B2B customers can tap into the versatile inventories of the LGA SMD and get pervasive regulatory approvals and short lead-time deliveries of the E20 in miniPCI Express, M.2 E-key and M.2 B-key form-factors.

Foundational building blocks of the E20’s design-in attractiveness are:

• Immediate availability of all variants with the flagship QCA2066 chip.
• Extended product materials, including 3D files, libraries and footprints for all EDA tools.
• Linux/Android and Windows packaged drivers for a growing number of system configurations.
• Great Community Open Source and reference design support by Qualcomm with rich application, software and configuration materials.

Customers achieve easy implementation and exceptionally short Time-to-Market (TTM) with the use of the E20 modules when compared to chip-to-board design strategies. Deployments of the E20 in system designs, in any of its form-factors or in new daughter-board configurations, signify reduced design risks and the full leverage of pre-certifications, pre-testing, expertise, skills and the economies of scale that the VOXMICRO’s operations have to offer for that portion of the overall system. Furthermore, the 14nm wafer technology of the QCA206x assures swift scalability and the longest possible lifespan for the E20 modules.

VOXMICRO’s AIRETOS E20 Class sets an industry benchmark by combining state-of-the-art technologies and flexible product design. The E20 is catapulted forward based on the profound, leading experiences VOXMICRO achieved with the release of the first Qualcomm hosted module for Wi-Fi6, the AIRETOS E63 Class. The E20 is a holistic improvement in all aspects of technology, packaging, supply chain and commercial indicators. 

As consumer and enterprise expectations for always-on, flawless data streaming, robust indoor and outdoor connectivity coverage, and reliable security continue to dramatically grow, advanced systems face challenges with respect to battery life, data rates, and range. The E20 Class delivers a new-generation solution to those with low-power multi-gigabit Wi-Fi6 connectivity in different module formats. Even more; when co-existing with Qualcomm Cellular SoCs and 5G-enabled devices the E20 delivers faster, extra secure and robust integration and performance experiences. 
Qualcomm is enabling a world where everyone and everything can be intelligently connected. With the QCA206x Series of chips, QUALCOMM is building on its history of delivering game-changing Wi-Fi features into the wider markets. 

VOXMICRO is an expert module maker and a QUALCOMM Technologies Advantage Network Partner, specialized in integrating Qualcomm’s wireless ICs into flexible, supported modules by:
• engaging early on emerging technologies
• directly accessing Qualcomm expertise
• accommodating adaptive, tailored, custom and complex designs. 

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Certified, Industrial Wi-Fi6/6E Modules With Qualcomm® QCA2066 SoCs by Voxmicro
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