Qualcomm® based 802.11ax client modules by AIRETOS®
29 May, 2019 by
Qualcomm® based 802.11ax client modules by AIRETOS®

We announce the first Wi-Fi 6 Chip-On-Board (CoB) client modules, the AIRETOS® E63 Class, based on the newest Qualcomm® chipset, the QCA6390. The ground-breaking next generation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity protocols are supported with a choice of form factor implementations.

The QCA6390 is Qualcomm Technologies’ most advanced Wi-Fi client solution designed to offer fast, secure and efficient Wi-Fi connectivity, to meet consumer demands for greater robustness and reduced latency when operating in congested and dense environments.  The E63 features Dual-Band Simultaneous (DBS) Wi-Fi 6 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) links, that are designed to deliver efficient Wi-Fi connectivity in dense implementation applications and to support ultra-high definition (ultra-HD) video streaming on multiple displays, screen mirroring from compatible devices and wireless back-up cameras. Furthermore, the new Bluetooth 5.1 coexisting functionality, supports Bluetooth Broadcasting to multiple devices and Qualcomm®’s aptX™ Adaptive audio delivering high fidelity streaming. 

The key features of the Wi-Fi 6 AIRETOS© E63 Class include:

– Increased user throughput in crowded networks, designed to reach rates of nearly 1.8 Gbps, featuring Dual-Band Simultaneous (DBS) and Higher Order Modulation (1024 QAM) in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

– 8-Stream Sounding, designed to allow connected devices to leverage the growing base of 8×8 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi 6 access points.

– Improved security utilizing WPA3, the latest Wi-Fi security protocol, to support WPA-3-Personal, WPA3-Enterprise, WPA3-Enhanced Open, WPA3-Easy Connect.

– Bluetooth 5.1 coexistence on board on a single chip, with support for BLE long-range, BT Broadcasting and a Qualcomm®’s aptX-Adaptive audio for ultra-HD quality voice and low latency audio.

The VoxMicro AIRETOS® E63 Class is expected to be fully available in the early fourth quarter of 2019. 

How 802.11ax is revolutionizing Wi-Fi

Yes, 802.11ax is special. It’s special because it’s a very different approach to solving some of the most pressing density-created issues impacting Wi-Fi performance today. Density refers to how networks are increasingly asked to support more devices than ever before, as well as how networks overlap each other in neighborhoods, apartment buildings, etc.

11ax is developed to address this issue in whole new ways. Expanding on 802.11ac to now support 8×8 MU-MIMO 11ax also folds in technologies like OFDMA, which is designed to optimize traffic for more efficient use of the available spectrum, more akin to how LTE networks work.

All this techno-speak really boils down to one thing. 11ax changes the game from delivering speed (theoretical maximum rate of data transfer) to maximizing capacity (how much data can be moved to the maximum number of users in the shortest period of time).

Qualcomm® based 802.11ax client modules by AIRETOS®
[S] VOXMICRO 29 May, 2019
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