COVID hits, Innovation continues: Dense Environment Networking empowered by Wi-Fi 6 Modules
Advances in fundamental tehcnologies bring improvements in quality of life. Fixed wireless applications for dense environments is actual. Qualcomm's QCA6391 in AIRETOS E63 Class modules enables swift and profound enhancements in the consumer, public, industrial metwork applications.
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COVID hits, Innovation continues: Dense Environment Networking empowered by Wi-Fi 6 Modules

With the QCA6391, QUALCOMM is building on its history of delivering game-changing technologies, like MU-MIMO and 8-stream sounding. The QCA6391 is a high performance, fully featured Wi-Fi 6 Chip that provides resilient 802.11ax combo with a rich, outperforming implementation of the new Bluetooth 5.1 into a single die.

VOXMICRO’s AIRETOS® E63 Class sets an industry benchmark by marrying state-of-the-art technologies with extended featuresand cutting-edge, flexible design. The E63 Class aids adoption with module variants that widely cover form factorsoperating grades and antenna designs. All complemented by extensive regulatory and design support.

E63 Wi-Fi Key Features

  • Dual Band Simultaneous (DBS) with dual MAC, up to 1774.5 Mbps dynamic data transfer rate at 2×2(2.4Ghz) + 2×2(5Ghz) 11ax DBS mode. Full 802.11ax/ac/abgn MU-MIMO two antenna Wi-Fi.
  • 20/40 MHz channel bandwidth for 2.4 GHz and 20/40/80 MHz channel bandwidth for 5 GHz.
  • Seamless antenna sharing with LTE, LTE-U and 5G.
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS, radar detection).
  • Offloading traffic for minimal host utilization at 11ac/ax speeds.
  • Low power PCIe (w/L1 sub-state) interface.
  • Integrated close-loop power detector.

E63 Bluetooth Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.1+ Milan with Class I mode, ANT+ and BLE. Backward-compatible to previous standards. 
  • Split ACL support for A2DP true stereo. Dual eSCO and dual A2DP streams.
  • Flexible interface Slimbus/PCM/I2S/I2C for BT audio.
  • Virtual (soft) USB available for combined UART/PCM/I2S management

Flexible Form-Factor and Antenna Choice

The E63 Class Chip-On-Board (CoB) Series B, have three on board antenna connectors, two for Wi-Fi and a separate one for BT. It is offered for SMT or soldered on carriers (Series W, F, and X) and is based on Qualcomm reference designs Hastings Family. Built to meet the surging connectivity demands of today’s world and with choice, in mind, the CoB offers the choice option of high-performance U.Fl. / IPEX or smaller MHF4 antenna connectors on-board. The dedicated BT antenna, not-sharing with WLAN clock cycles. Pre-certifications are existing for all major domains (FCC, ISED Canada, EU RED, Japan) with 5 antenna types. Series R, which is built exact with Qualcomm’s reference design Hasting NFA, has smaller MHF4 connectors on board and shares BT with WLAN and concurrently with 5G WLAN. The Series R benefits of Qualcomm’s world regulatory pre-certification with PIFA antenna type. All E63 Class modules operate up to -400 to +900 Celsius and support Windows, Linux, macOS and Android operating systems.

COVID hits, Innovation continues: Dense Environment Networking empowered by Wi-Fi 6 Modules
[S] VOXMICRO 29 March, 2020
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