Business Continuity & support to Public Health efforts
12 March, 2020 by
Business Continuity & support to Public Health efforts

With the spread of COVID-19 (SARS-2; also referred to as Coronavirus)  having reached pandemic levels, we would like to reassure our valued customers, partners and suppliers that VOXMICRO is actively and continuously monitoring the development of the situation and its impact on the world as a whole and on the geographical locations where we operate in particular.

In order to ensure that we are in line with any recommendations with regards to public health we actively include any findings of Local Disease Control Institutions and the WHO in our decision making.

For this purpose policies and practices have been established that are aimed to maintain healthy work environments.
Those practices include: 

  • ensuring we have real-time access to public health information and recommended practices for each of our key locations.
  • issuing guidance to all staff on following basic hygiene measures
  • a continuous and ongoing communication to employees with regards to measures they need to take if feeling unwell 
  • The limitation of face-to-face meetings and the cancellation of all business events and conferences.
  • the suspension of any unnecessary business travel with immediate effect
  • The implementation of remote working for all teams and colleagues who are not required to be in one of our facilities

Furthermore we have implemented active and ongoing business continuity plans to ensure that our service to you remains available and to mitigate as much as possible the risk of disruption. Those include, but are not limited to the following:

  • establishment of a task force which is meeting on a regular basis in order to manage our risk effectively.
  • plans to reassign staff from non-critical functions if employee absence should pose a threat
  • multiple levels of redundancy, should a critical system fail
  • assessment of risk level of any vendors or other partners which our operations depend on 

    Since implementing our business continuity plan and taking emergency measures there has been no impact on our core processes for any of our operations and in all or locations service levels have stayed the same.
    We will constantly assess the situation to make sure that we continue to operate fully and without any disruption to ourselves or our clients and partners, whilst mitigating the risk to the health of our colleagues and the general public effectively.
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Business Continuity & support to Public Health efforts
[S] VOXMICRO 12 March, 2020
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