Quality Management

Quality management and control in the electronics industry is a demanding process, which requires specialized capabilities.

The Challenge

The products and components that the electronics companies develop, manufacture and assemble are at the center of the exciting, fast-moving, and increasingly complex technologies that touch every aspect of our lives. in this fast-paced and dynamic market place, the electronics companies are challenged by increasing global competition, supplies sourced from across the globe, but also the need to produce efficiently the highest quality products. As a result of theses challenges, their quality managers need real-time visibility to proactively reduce waste and scrap, continuously optimize processes and ensure part and product traceability.  

What We Do


As a part of our holistic quality approach, we are cooperating exclusively with ISO-certified partners in critical areas as contract manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping.


We have adapted the seven Quality Management Principles (QMPs) which are established by ISO9001. We perform all necessary testing procedures according to international standards, our products are globally certified, compliant to the RoHS directive and fully documented.