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With our deep technical expertise in wireless technologies, we empower customers and integrators of cable-less applications in a variety of industries and markets.

Advanced wireless technologies are increasingly driving innovations and disruptions in human lives and businesses. Our expert teams bring each customer a combination of market knowledge and technology expertise offering smart solutions and breakthrough technology innovations.

Connectivity & IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) harnesses the power of connected devices and systems to predict, learn, and make real-time business decisions.

Automation & IIoT

Machines connected on the IIoT can continually monitor and report output levels, detect potential problems, and autonomously adjust input variables, allowing the automation of entire industrial processes.

Smart Cities

Cities around the world are improving services and quality of life through data collection devices and sensors.


Security attempts to address the protection and threat from a growing number of IoT devices and systems in industrial, commercial and consumer environments.


Advanced wireless connectivity strengthens energy companies’ ability to power homes, business and communities.


With the wireless technology advancement in healthcare, patients will get the best care and medical professionals will be able to work more smartly and efficiently in the future.


In a continuously changing world, governments will need to be more intuitive, to sense and respond to new technology opportunities, social challenges, and emerging citizen needs.


Next-generation wireless technology is building a platform for widespread adoption of smart roads and infrastructure, while simultaneously recalibrating the transportation value chain, from manufacturers to end-users.

Look at our case studies and find out how our customers leveraged our products and services to serve their markets.

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