Environmental & Response Plans

As a global provider of key, high-visibility communication products and services, we have strategic, characterizing, core plans that involve our relations with partners and the industry. 

Secure Sourcing

Smartly and safely reduce of inventory levels without compromises

Multiple Locations

Supported by Best-of-Bread suppliers and contract manufacturers with an appropriate spread and balance.

Flexible Supply Chain Network

Enhanced collaboration, value alignment and risk sharing with main strategic suppliers

Sophisticated IT

Secure not-on-premise cloud , global applications and status awareness and enable forward and reverse flows


Detect, prevent, encrypt, and collaborate with customers, suppliers, and institutions

External, Foreign, Emergency and Disaster Risk Mitigation implies core plans

Supply Chain Risks through external environmental disasters and disruptions as tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes/tsunamis, wildfires, floods, etc. have increased as a consequence of the globalization trend during the last decades. Also the rise in the frequency and severity of cyberattacks, driven by the rapid growth in digital communication, has already had enormous impact on the supply chains.