About us



VoxMicro LTD was founded and still hosts its European operations at the heart or Oxfordshire in United Kingdom.

We respect and understand the traditional values and we honor honesty and precision.
Drawing from the multicultural influences and the high quality spirit of the area we have formed the basis for our trading presence.



We employ the most modern technologies to assess products and to streamline processes.

We put to work automation and modern internet communication protocols in all the scenarios of our functions that can be formalized. We do that in respect of our customer’s priorities and cost saving targets.



Our dynamic presence and continuing expansion is a sign of the times to come.

VoxMicro is a flexible forward looking company that is focused to the satisfaction of its customers and to the innovation introduced to their product and trading.

From our offices around the world, VoxMicro will continue to harvest the best products in the sector and to partner with the leading manufacturers.

VoxMicro’s customer base enjoys access to the latest high quality wireless equipment at the best possible prices. Volume requirements and forecasts are respected and allocated in timelly and convenient fashion. That is why we enjoy the trust of major manufacterers, integrators and neowork builders.