VoxMicro is a leading international distributor of radio-frequency components, paltforms, adapters and other wifi network equipment for home, business, industrial and embedded applications. We focus on cutting edge wireless technologies, new modern features and high reliance products.

Based on our specialized character we are usually the first to market new products on a worldwide basis, able to reach critical distribution volumes, and therefore able to offer best prices and continuous reliable supply of equipment.

VoxMicro is geared to distribute internationally and make international purchasing a robust, comfortable and value added process.
We trade with base currency flexibility, we speak many of the European languages and we have facilities in five countries across the globe.

We have tight relations with all of our Partners and the products we offer are carefully selected and tested to satisfy both compliance and International as well as National Standards in the USA, EU and Asian domains. Additionally, included in our service is Extended Warranty, Advance Swap-out RMA and progressive price breaks schemes.

VoxMicro has recently made a significant investment in a high end production facility for RF cable assembly, component and antennae in Taiwan. We have some 1000 new short lead time products and capability for swift new project development and customization.  What ever standard or grade of RF materials your application might involve (ie MIL-STD-39012), we are geared in competing for.

Would you like a wireless competitive edge? If yes and you are a manufacturer/ integrator or trade customer please contact us with the details of your request and we will be quickly back with a tailored quote. We are also happy to quote volume purchasers (20 pieces minimum order), for the public and the corporate sector.

END CONSUMERS: for retail pricing please visit OxfordTEC.com .

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