Security attempts to address the protection and threat from a growing number of IoT devices and systems in industrial, commercial and consumer environments.

The Challenge

As Internet of Things deployments increase, common
and scenario- or vertical-specific security and risk
management requirements to protect personal,
private, business and IP-related information grows.

New methods are developed for matching security scenarios and specific verticals requirements including embedded security functions within each device as e.g. advanced encryption, as well as security implications of expanded wireless networks handling increasing data volumes and device counts, while regulatory pressures to address security needs are growing.

What We Do

We develop wireless embedded modules and adopt all security testing and certification services for required and recommended certifications. Our products are robust and resilient to malicious attacks and latent vulnerabilities.

Through our certifications and full leverage on Qualcomm’s worldwide product security programmewe are able to help customers to develop secure devices and applications in any part of the world. Testing tools and regulatory services are tightly bound to our product portfolio to support end-to-end security and other compliance tests.

Why VoxMicro

We are an audited and certified North-American module maker and licensed Qualcomm partner with in-house RF engineering and deep expertise in secure Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LoRa products.

We have provided highly reliable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality to many customers. We support already plenty of customers to address successfully the protection and threat in industrial, commercial and consumer environments. We have experience in verticalization, where vertical specific security requirements apply, especially in aviation, automobile, defense and many others industries.