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In a continuously changing world, governments will need to be more intuitive, to sense and respond to new technology opportunities, social challenges, and emerging citizen needs.

The Challenge

To serve citizens well, governments need to be more integrated: break down silos, seamlessly connect and streamline data and processes, enhance security and create personalized citizens’ experiences. 

The government transformation will require uprooting outdated systems and practices and replacing them with new models. This transformation focuses on operations improvement and is already beyond pilots and experiments, while it has begun to penetrate into the heart of the governments. It affects both economically advanced and developing nations and governments, who leapfrog legacy straight to digital-age models, such as wireless communication and cloud computing.

What We Do

We are delivering know-how, tools, and abilities to design, by building and sustaining wireless connectivity deployments for governmental agencies and organizations.

We perform all aspects of the development of the specific public sector solutions, from initial concept and design through to volume production. We are leading our customers with our long-term experience in designing and manufacturing advanced high-quality electronic components and applications quickly and cost-effectively.

Why VoxMicro

We are a leading North-American technology group with prime-focus in wireless embedded modules. Radio-frequency assembly passives, tools, testing, and regulatory services are tightly bound to our core product portfolio. With our deep technical expertise in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LoRa technologies we empower cable-less applications in a variety of public sector areas, including Transportation, Security, and Healthcare. 
Our AIRETOS® module families constitute reliable, long-lifespan wireless adapters that transform our partner’s Qualcomm-Atheros series of client chipsets into a full portfolio of modular solutions, which support high-end wireless link configurations that can use a full range of protocol features, like CCX and FIPS-loopback compatibility.

How wireless technologies transform governments

Smart Government

Similar to smart cities, integrated, connected and sustainable governments will deploy advanced wireless technologies to serve citizens. Mobility, healthcare, and environment are already the forerunners accompanied by upcoming trends as data ethics, transparency and equity.

Digital Citizen

Unique digital identifiers open the door to seamless citizen experience, enabling massive improvement in service quality, end-to-end delivery, and government efficiency. Mature authentication technologies hit already some advanced government worldwide, while in other lagging regions this transformation is just starting.

AI-augmented Government

The growing potential of Artificial Intelligence has the potential to enhance almost everything the government does, from education and health care to policing and defense. AI can work excellent for governments because it needs volumes of data, which they have plenty. 

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