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Study: the 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) revolution

Wi-Fi 6 significantly enhances wireless performance across multiple vectors, providing a new and improved user experience as compared to earlier versions of Wi-Fi. To accomplish this, Wi-Fi 6 uses wholly new technologies and methods, some from the cellular world, to efficiently deliver more capacity to more devices. This increased capacity and efficiency reduce congestion for a faster, more robust, and higher quality user experience in dense deployments. 


Wi-Fi 6 comes with a host of new features, and here we’ll focus on those of the highest significance in defining the premium experience. While Wi-Fi 6 is expected to ramp very quickly across many market segments and tiers, this report particularly focuses on understanding how the most advanced implementations will be defined. Among the features discussed, 8 x 8 MU-MIMO stands out as providing the most significant benefits to total system performance aligned with the promises of Wi-Fi 6. 

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