Los Angeles, California – February, 24, 2013 – VoxMicro LTD Group, leading source for ODM RF modules & boards for consumer, enterprise, industrial and embedded applications, proudly announces its 6th consecutive year of partnership in support of Carbonfund Foundation to help preserve the earth for future generations.

Carbonfund.org Foundation
Carbonfund.org Foundation, facilitating their partners’ goals to mitigate their carbon footprint, has worked with over 2,000 businesses and 750,000 individuals on climate solutions all over the world since 2003. With the motto “Reduce What You Can, Offset What You Can’t” CarbonFund has been inspiring responsible behavior and supporting core environmental work.

VoxMicro’s Environmental Commitment
Ever since it was founded, VoxMicro has been involved in environmental activities.
VoxMicro is committed– to zero out its logistics and IT operations carbon footprint.
– to provide carbon neutral shipping and use energy efficient lighting.
– to use, as possible, Eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials with large use of recycled, bio-degradable and reusable parts.
– to fully compensate the carbon footprint of its manufacturing activities to their assessed utilization.
– to minimize where possible corporate travel and to balance-out in whole with green initiatives any remainder traveling activities.
– to fully comply with local recycling, material control and hazardous substances regulations across activities and territories.

VoxMicro have partnered with a leading non-profit Carbonfond.org foundation to help spread the word about the benefits of reducing the carbon footprint. CarbonFund  assists in carbon footprint quantification, compensation and offset, leading to the  achievement of VoxMicro’s ambitious goals.  Originally founded at the green heart of Oxfordshire in United Kingdom, VoxMicro has established strong relations with partners all over the world. Rooted in those significant worldwide based partnerships, it aims to maintaining its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products. VoxMicro is also a renowned manufacturer of antennae, radio frequency connectors & cable assemblies with ISO certified production facilities in Taiwan, always with a green consciousness.

At VoxMicro, we believe it is important to protect our environment, therefore we will continue to search for new avenues that protect the environment without sacrificing the  product and service performance. VoxMicro LTD Group is on the forefront of the active green rebellion for sustainability and preservation.

For more details about the VoxMicro LTD Group or Carbonfound.org Foundation please visit:

•    VoxMicro LTD Group: http://www.voxmicro.com

•    Carbonfound.org Foundation: http://www.carbonfund.org